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The club is a community-based group managed by a committee of the parents of the students and is located in Harraton Community centre, in Washington, Tyne & Wear, England. The club operates via a constitution and has an open door policy where all are welcome regardless of ability, disability, gender or ethnic origin. The club strives to promote an ethos of encouragement and endeavours to nurture all of its students, to be the best that they can be as people, so they are a benefit to their own communities. The Club also strives to play an active part in the community, promoting the sport of Judo at local schools and fundraising for local causes.

You can support the club by purchasing your on-line goods and services via our portal at the buy.at website:  http://www.buy.at/washingtonjudo  (see links page for disclaimer statement)


The Club is operates twice weekly at:                                         

Harraton Community Centre
Bonemill Lane (at the junction with Biddick Lane)
Tyne & Wear
NE38 8BQ

We meet on Wednesday and Sunday evenings:

WednesdayAll ages6-7.30 pm
SundayAll ages5.30-7.00 pm

Club fees:

The first lesson is free for beginners.

Fees per session£3.00

Note: Discounts of 50% apply for second and subsequent family members taking part on the mat. 


BJC policy is that all students must hold a valid BJC license to participate in Judo. New starters may take out a Provisional License, which costs £10 - including insurance cover and is valid for 3 months. Thereafter if the student wishes to continue with the sport, he/she must apply for a full license (the £10 Provisional fee is then removed from the full membership price and a license issud for a further 9 months. The full license then allows the students to take part in competitions and gradings. Whilst we take every care to ensure the safety of members, judo is, after all, both a martial art and a physical contact sport and it is therefore important that the student is properly licensed and insured.

BJC Licence costs as from 1st September 2013:

Junior New Members£21.50 plus £5.50 insurance= £27 total
Senior New Members£26.50 plus £5.50 insurance= £32 total
Junior Renewals£18.50 plus £5.50 insurance= £24 total
Senior Renewals£21.50 plus £5.50 insurance= £27 total

Note: Student Membership - members over 16yrs in further education pay the same as for a Junior License. University Student Membership - on production of a Student University card, the total cost is £18 for a new license and £15 for renewal. Family Membership - available to families of two or more members, first member pays full price and each other member receives a £3 discount.

Dress and personal code

As part of the dress code requirements, please ensure that your child is provided with Zoris (flip flops or sandals) These are mandatory at competitions and gradings. They are also much easier for children to put on and take off when coming to or leaving the mat.

Girls please note that a plain white tee shirt is also part of the dress code and is necessary at gradings and competitions.

Body piercings are NOT PERMITTED at any time on the mat (applies to both boys and girls)

Please note that finger and toe nails must be kept short. Nail varnish should not be worn due to protocol and safety (a trained medic can tell a lot about a person's health from their nails)

Washington Judo Club Committee

ChairChristie Fisher
Secretary Angie McDermott
TreasurerSharon McEwan
Parent RepresentativesTony Lister
Corine Shefford
John Taylor
Tracey Sawyer- Copus
Student Representative   Alex Fisher

Washington Judo Club Coaches

CoachGradeBJC Coach QualifcationBJA Coach Qualification
John Pickering 2nd DanFPJ Level 1 & 2  UKCC Level 2
Tony Lister1st KyuFPJ Level 1

To contact any of the above committee members or coaches please do via washingtonjudo@hotmail.com